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new to bbo - questions

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Posted 2003-March-15, 15:17

I am attempting to rejoin bridge community after many years of not playing and don't understand all the new terminology.  is there any way to kibitz a table but only see one hand rather than all the hands?

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Posted 2003-March-17, 08:57

it is announced. You can check "Suggestions for the Software" and tnen "Next version of BBO"

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Posted 2003-March-17, 09:12

The newest version of the BBO software, which is currently being BETA tested (not public release yet) has this capability. First you will need to download Beta version 3.11 (or later). Second, after you log on to the site, left click on your name in the lobby (the very first one shown, on top left). From there, you will see the kibitiz options on the bottom right hand side. Select the option you want (kibitz N, S, E, W or show all 4 hands). At anytime while you are kibitizing, you can change this option my pointing your mouse at the large box in the upper right hand corner that has says something like:

IMP Pairs
Board 5

or MP Pairs
Board 6

A list of kibitizers at the table will show, again with your name at the very top. Left click on your name and change your kibitiz options. Once again, you will need the new BETA software that can be found at this site to do this as the previous poster pointed out.

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