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BBO Movie: Takeout Double by Geoffrey Spavin

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Posted 2012-November-18, 20:44

The link ot this BBO Movie is: Takeout Doubles

This is a movie aimed squarely at beginners (and some intermediates that I know). It is very well produced, uses inserted images in the text fields, many, many quizzes (26 I think), around 30 examples on top of that. There is no sound. I think this might have been converted from a lecture in the BBO lecture hall, but i am not certain. Word of caution, this movie will take around an hour to finish. The following (below the line) is from the summary of this Movie.

This presentation is aimed at beginner players and discusses takeout doubles as they apply over natural bidding systems. Examples of these systems are Acol, Standard American or 2/1 Game Forcing.

This presentation is split into 3 sections:

- Types of takeout doubles
- Advancer's bids
- Doubler's rebids

At the end of each section there are a series of interactive quizzes to test your understanding of the material presented.

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Posted 2012-November-18, 22:03


The movie does a reasonable job presenting TO Doubles in a structured way.
I quibble with the lack of detail how to handle problem hands for doubler and advancer.
Nothing is discussed about 4333 hands with 12-14 HCP.
Nothing is discussed about when a TOD in the 12-15 HCP range might be right with a 5-card suit.
Nothing is discussed about double then new suit compared to overcall then double by the intervenor.
The NT response ranges presume a very strong TOD compared to modern style (4441 and 10 Working HCP).
The raise to 2M by doubler is shown as offering 4 card fit, not showing 17-19 HCP as many play.
Little is discusses about competitive auctions.
Nothing is defined about single jumps, double jumps (preempt or showing 5+ cards?) though there is much implied in the approach shown.
Finally, the use of cue bids does not differentiate between auctions starting with 1 minor compeered to those starting 1 major (1 minor can be 9-11 44 majors or 12+ GF).
There is no discussion of ELC, but that's not a beginner topic.
There is no discussion of 1 level overcalls on 4 card suits to compensate when TOD is wrong based on shape.

The bigger outage in my mind is the author does not discuss could be more explicit how TODs and O'cals work together in the intervenor's toolkit.

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