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What sort of hand/values is East showing

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Posted 2012-March-19, 04:49

Here is an auction.

Two questions

1) What sort of values/hand is East showing for this auction?

2) What does West need to accept the game invitation?

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Posted 2012-March-19, 06:26

The first double showed at least 8 HCPS in a perfect shape.
The second double is much stronger, I do not know whether there is a consensus about the lower limit, I would use it from 15 upwards with a very good shape, but I bet that many would disagree.
2 could be bid on a yarborough, so with 1,5 tricks, west should accept the invite.
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Posted 2012-March-19, 06:56

With his first double, east is showing a hand that prefers to not defend 1D. This can be for many reasons, but usually it's a combination of some values and short diamonds. I would not make the recommendation to a very beginner that (s)he double with 8; when we first learn about takeout doubles, we learn that they show about an opening hand and tolerance for any of the other suits (if we're going to cheat at all, we at least have real tolerance for the majors. If we cheat on HCP, it's because we have extra shape).

In practice, most people will double on any hand with takeout shape when they are in the pass-out seat, because partner might have a very strong hand but have had no good bid over 1D [we say that, by bidding in situations like this, we are protecting partner].

With his second double, east is saying "hey, I heard you pass twice, but I have a very strong hand over here, and I'd like you to bid something (or pass, if you have some good diamonds)." I think 15 is a reasonable estimate of his lower limit, but he is often a bit better.

When he raises 2H, east is saying, "I know I asked you to bid with nothing, and you didn't make any real noise, since 2H is your minimum bid and basically says only 'I like better than ,' but I have a seriously good hand, and if you have anything over there, I want to be in game."

I would raise as west on pretty much anything -- an ace, or a 5-card heart suit, or even a singleton spade would be enough in my opinion. High card points are not really what east is looking for here (although if I had 5-6, I would be raising as west). As west, I'm asking "does my hand look good in the context of the auction?" If it looks like a hand that has some extra playing strength (and again, that can come via ruffing potential -- hence why I mentioned spade shortness, since partner clearly has spades as well on this auction -- or via extra hearts, or via HCP I haven't mentioned), I would definitely raise; partner is showing a quite good hand.
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