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A Good Partner

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Posted 2003-June-13, 13:59

Many years ago when I started mentoring new players, I decided to make a list of attributes of a "GOOD PARTNER" I began collecting these and gave them to my mentees. Few, if any are, are my original thoughts, but I thought I would share them. As always, your comments are welcome!!

A Good Partner

1.  A Good Partner knows that pass is a beautiful bid. A Good Partner uses it often.
2.  When a Good Partner overcalls as an unpassed hand, a Good Partner holds two quick tricks. If a Good Partner does not have two quick tricks and can not preempt, a Good Partner knows that pass is a beautiful bid.
3.  When a Good Partner's right hand opponent opens his/her best suit, a Good Partner knows pass is a beautiful bid.
4.  A Good Partner never bids the same values twice. A Good Partner knows I heard him/her the first time and that pass is a beautiful bid.
5.  A Good Partner's free bids always show a maximum or extras. If a Good Partner doesn't have either, a Good Partner knows that pass is a beautiful bid.
6.  A Good Partner knows bridge is a game of pluses. When faced with a close bidding decision, a Good Partner takes the conservative action.
7.  If a Good Partner can’t determine if a game or slam is a good bet, a Good Partner doesn't bid it, because bridge is a game of pluses.
8.  A Good Partner doesn't bid bad suits on good hands, because bridge is a game of pluses.
9.  When faced with whether to double or bid on, a Good Partner takes the sure plus
10.  A Good Partner never plays me for the magic hand, I won’t hold it. A Good Partner, however, doesn’t play me for the worst hand, because I won’t hold that one either.
11.   God gives a Good Partner AK’s for a reason, so he/she will know what to lead.
12.  A Good Partner does not speculate on opening leads. Without specific reasons, a Good Partner goes with the lead the field will make.
13.  A Good Partner takes care of the bottoms, knowing the tops will take care of themselves.
14.  A Good Partner never passes a forcing bid, not even in his/her sleep.
15.  When a Good Partner has a choice of bids and 3NT is one of the choices, a Good Partner knows that is the bid.
16.  A Good Partner protects me from my occasional overbids by always putting down extras.
Please do not complain about my opinion. I don't have the time to convince you I'm right.

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Posted 2003-June-14, 09:40

1.. A good partner is one who is enjoyable to play with
2.. A good partner is one whose ability exceeds her ego
3.. A good parner is one who is never rude
4.. A good partner is one with a reasonable sense of humor and can over look my flights of fantasy
5.. A good partner is one who remembers our conventional agreements but easily forgives my lapses in this area
6.. A good partner is a good friend.... :-)

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Posted 2003-June-15, 12:29

A good partner remembers that bridge is just a game.

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Posted 2003-June-20, 08:47

I have here many additions, but good is so few in the world... I prefer to say when i DONT play with somebody :).
I will not play with somebody, even greatest player on the world, if he DONT BELIEVE me. It is no chance that name of game is BRIDGE ( between partners ). He may be also dont want to play with me, but if he do, he MUST believe to his partner ( me ), else no reason to play at all.
His ( her ) level of play MUST be as close as possible to my, else he (her) or i will spend too much neurves at table and will not enjoy the Game. I often play with begiiners/intermediate players, because they are my friends and i can forgive mistakes they do and help him (her) to play better bridge, but it is form of education/mentoring/teaching and is not true Game. I also sometimes play with expert/world class players and try to learn something from him (her), but same case - now they teach me, not Game also.
I cant play with somebody that repeat same mistakes all time, sorry. With different mistakes i can endure, i do same ::D. First time i explain mistakes and give him several examples. I repeat next several times all previous mistakes ( i have good memory like elephant :)). If he continue, i give up and search other partner, sorry >:P.

"The trouble with women is that they treat bridge as a game. They do not realize it is a war." ;D
Frank Perkins

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Posted 2003-June-20, 18:05

A good partner doesn't waste bullets...
"I know that there is only one power worth having. That is the power, not to take, but to accept; not to have, but to give."

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Posted 2003-June-21, 07:13

Thanks Cave_Draco, a good laughter prolong life,they say, I expect to be 150 ;D
Edvin say "a smile a day keep the doctor away"

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