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How to get GIB to give a preference for my minot?

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Posted 2020-August-18, 01:19

This has been bugging me for a while.

I realize that the system forces GIB to *initially* think of my minor suit opening as "potentially short", but

Does GIB ever make INFERENCES about my subsequent bidding about the length of the minor suit I opened?

I realize that it is difficult to program a simple bidding engine, but I thought GIB maintains a list of possible hand patterns I might have while making later bidding decisions.

Yet, it has done things like the following:
  • After I opened 1C, and then bid and rebid hearts to show a 2-suiter moose, GIB gave a preference to hearts with a doubleton support, shunning the five card support to clubs. At the 5 level. IMPs.
  • After I open and rebid clubs (GIB responding 1S), GIB chooses to, yet again, to bid that misleading "2NT=balanced, invitational, 10-12". It had only 9, but two tens and two acee. But it had xx, Jxx in the unbid reds. Jxx in a suit overcalled by my my LHO. I mean, it is fine to stretch an invitation. But why on God's green earth not show ATxx support in a hand that does not have a semblance of a stopper in either of the unbid suits? What is wrong with the natural 3C?

That 2NT rebid by GIB ostensibly showing a balanced 10-12 is my pet peeve. It can contain pretty much anything. If there were one bid I would want to be redefined (may include at least QTx in all the unbid suits) this would be it. Many years ago GIB used to count singletons here, making that bid with 6HCP and 65 in two suits it was unable to show naturally.

More generally, GIB often puts us into a Moysian major instead of a 54 (or better) minor fit. Of course, that can work (at the 4 level).

Have any of you had relative success in steering GIB to minor suit contracts? Or otherwise making it realize that if I open clubs, the opps overcall and support spades (with my GIB partner inserting a double to show its 8xxx of hearts) that I really must have clubs, when GIB has 3 small spades itself and 5+ support.

I have tried stretching to rebid my suit, but then GIB places me with more strength at puts us too high. Sometimes passing works, but it feels so wrong with a 6-bagger and a decent hand.

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Posted 2020-August-22, 12:08

Hi Jyrki,

It's generally easier to answer to such questions, if you include a link to the hands to show exactly what the situation was.
You can find them in your history.

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