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Express TCR Automated Fun Claim/Concede

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Posted 2021-May-20, 04:54

Yet again I have encountered a petulant child for a partner who conceded (duly reported) when plenty of winners were on hand whilst playing Automated Fun Tourney as he wasn't happy with the contract. It's doubtful that I'll lose any sleep over it, but would like to offer my opinion on what I feel is a flaw.

Then there is the absurd situation, as declarer when an op will concede, once again with a lot of winners. I refuse and the carousel of concede/denial is in motion. This situation occurred on a new tourney this morning, when declarer will concede all, as his pd had missed a game contract. I refused, so declarer deliberately threw winners on winners etc. There is no fun in getting 100% when its earned by pathetic actions of the op. Would they do this IRL, I think not. But that is the internet when people think they can act with impunity.
It's a good idea if it works, but in automated clocked tourneys its open to abuse.
Personally I'd be happy that this function, as with chat, is deactivated when playing Automated Fun tourneys.
When one plays TCR auto tourney you have to take the rough with the smooth. Levels vary enormously, one will sometimes be slaughtered by ones pd, likewise can one receive unexpected gifts from ops. I'm sure there has been more than one pd. that has held his head in his hands and wondered what the hell i'm playing at.
Not so surprisingly this petulant behaviour is always by those who deem themselves, "Expert." Nothing could be farther from the truth.
What say thee, programmers et al?
Tiny Tim

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Posted 2021-May-20, 06:42

View PostTiny Tim, on 2021-May-20, 04:54, said:


Used as an impersonal pronoun like in Danish/German/Norwegian/Swedish?

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