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Applying handicaps Losing weaker and social players

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Posted 2021-June-01, 02:15

Unfortunately as I predicted back in November novice, weaker intermediate and social players are losing interest in playing online bridge because without a viable handicap system they think they have ZERO chance even on a good day.

I requested a simple handicap system where a players % handicap system could be preloaded {rather like pre-loaded hand}s during tournament creation process and applied as gross and nett scores at the end of the game. The handicap file format could be taken from a spreadsheet or a simple CSV file but open to other formats.

Please, non software developers do not reply trying to tell me how hard it would be! I have been a professional SW developer since the mid 1970s. I suspect it would not take me long to code this small addition assuming the code is in a reasonable state as it only applies to one window and post game processing modules.

Please do not reply with BBOXML can apply handicaps. Yes in can in absolute mps and depends on number of boards/players in the tournament not as absolute percentage. The weaker players are also weak at IT and do want to go on bridge webs to see their handicapped result they need it immediately at game end.

In our club I have we have had over 520 players try out BBO. The majority of these were not computer literate and had to be hand held at first click by click. A lot of these now regard the internet as their best information source ever and now wonder why they never used the net before! A lot of these people would be playing bridge still if we had the handicap system I proposed back in November.

Facetime bridge is cute if you have decent stable internet . We in rural Ireland unfortunately do not as many other countries. Core functionality of game management is more important than presentation to most players who are not IT competent {the majority}.

Please inform me if you no not intend to add this functionality so I can move on from banging my head against the BBO wall and stop wasting my time introducing new customers.

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