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Distribution on GF hands? Reverse off?

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Posted 2021-September-13, 07:49

Hi there,

What would you think is standard (if any) in a GF sequence?


Assuming we're playing something standard and 3 level freebid promises 12+, game forcing

Because it is a GF sequence, does opener bid just distribution?

92 QJ53 AJ62 KQ7 : 3?

Thank very much
Kind Regars,

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Posted 2021-September-13, 08:55

My thoughts are that if you can ask for a stop for NT bid 3S; if not, raise to 4C. The only time I would misdescribe my shape would be with 3442 with weak spades in which case all I can do is bid 3D if 3S stopper ask is not available.
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Posted 2021-September-13, 13:59

There is absolutely no point in showing 4 hearts in this auction. If responder had 4 hearts, they would have made a negative double; the 3 bid denies 4 hearts (except in very extreme cases).

Given that, I would play the 3 bid as showing extra values with an unbalanced hand. (If you're 1561, then almost by definition you have extra values; if you're 3451, you need some extra high card strength beyond an opening bid.)

With a 2443 hand, one should bid 3, asking for a spade stopper.

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Posted 2021-September-13, 17:34

It is probably good to bid 'values' here. So 3 showing extra length in the suit, 3 showing heart values but indicating spade concerns, 3 asking for half a stopper in spades and 3NT showing a spade stopper and often a little something in hearts. Usually this shows at least 3-card suits, but that inference is just based on probabilities.

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